Fight Evolution

Fight Promotion Hub

Looking to step into the ring or the cage? We’ve got you covered! We’re your ultimate destination for fight promotion, catering to competitors at every skill level. Join us and take your fighting journey to the next level!

All-Level Matchups

And guess what? We’re not just for pros. Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned pro, our events can be customized to fit your level.

Buzzing Live Fights

Our marketing team is on fire! They generate buzz and livestream all the action on our social media channels. You can watch the fearless fighters who’ve taken up the challenge right from your device.

Safe Fight Standards

And don’t worry about rules and regulations. We make sure all our fights follow the local laws and official rules of the places where the events happen. Safety first!

Social Warrior Club

About Us

Social Warrior Club, a revolutionary new fight promotion company, is changing the landscape of the fight business with a groundbreaking approach that combines the thrill of combat sports with the entertainment value of major sporting events. The company is set to redefine the fight experience by streaming all their events online, featuring top-tier production quality, and creating an atmosphere reminiscent of high-energy basketball games.

What sets Social Warrior Club apart is its commitment to providing an immersive experience for fans and fighters alike. Each event is meticulously curated in intimate settings with a club-like ambiance, complete with DJs spinning energetic beats, dedicated bottle service sections, and an overall vibrant atmosphere that elevates the fight night experience.

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